Monday, November 20, 2006

Five Point Someone

Read “Five Point Someone” by Chetan Bhagat yesterday – got so much engrossed in it that finished the book in one sitting – only to wake up with drowsy eyes the next morning. It’s an excellent book – something which you can relate with especially if you have been to any engineering college in India. I guess the life would be as gruesome or may be worse in medical colleges (remember Class by Erich Segal?). It took me to my IT-BHU days. Though I was no where near being a 5-pointer but not too far either :)

There were the maggus (the way we loved to call them as, and some of them really felt proud of being called one) who crammed all day, and all night, made all notes, and score “Nine Point Something”. However, at the same time there were few (rather one) who could be found loitering on Assi ghats, play cricket, and always half intoxicated with previous nights “neat” and scored perfect 10. There was one character, for whom any exam meant studying “Resnik and Halliday” and then one who used to get Xerox of all notes for few lesser mortals like us whose scores in certain subjects remained in binary digits on a scale of 20…!

The book reminded me of everything that we used to do in the campus…. The episode of breaking into HOD’s daughter room and being chased reminded me of how we “a gang of loafers” circled a BHU nurse (or may be a medical student) who was going alone at 12 in the night. Imagine the plight of a girl in a dreaded place like BHU, being encircled by a gang of some 7-8 guys on a lonely street in night. It felt exhilarating at that moment to scare a girl… but the next moment…. We saw two lights of a jeep (BHU Security) and that scared the shit out of us…. We paddled the bicycle at a pace that wud have put Lance Armstrong to shame..!!!

The day 1 episode in corridor took me to my days….. the only difference was that the coke bottle was replaced with lighted candles..!!!! No no don’t worry .. controls your reins… these are just meant to scare the “fattachas”

There’s hell lot of stories and incidents to share… everyday in those 4 glorious years had its own share of incidents.


Monday, September 04, 2006

The value of those 4 glorious years

I don't know - if I used any of Electrical Engg. funda in my software job doing programming or testing, neither do I know if my friends who joined engineering firms use any of those, nor do i know my colleagues who joined Hi-Tech companies ever used any of their transformer, generator funda. I don't know if any of my trical junta, can now tell the difference between an AC and DC motor - (except that one runs on AC and the other on DC), and if there really exists a 3-Phase DC motor?

So what was the value of those 4 years?

We spent 4 valuable years of our life there - with a sense of achievement (having cleared JEE), felt pride in studying at one of the best engg. colleges in India - but felt bad at the missing 'I' in the name of the institute, felt elated at receiving an A-grade in HVDC (High Voltage DC) labs, cribbed about absence of internet in our hostel rooms (we all know - what we would have used it for, had institute provided this facility), complained about non-availability of books in IT-lirary (What type of books - only we know well), thanked "Jhola-Chhap" for providing the 'right ammo' to spend freetime with, tipped the mess-chhotu with 2-bucks after giving him a generous dose of all pleasantaries (but spent 50 bucks on beer every week and 10 on a fag), thanked 'Times-Of-India Delhi Edition' to provide the right material to decorate our walls, walked 5 kms everyday to 'Assi-ghat' to save enough money to buy a 'Lawanglata', had our breakfasts off - to fund the weekend booze..!!!

We heard - "all in all you are just another brick in the wall" - but always aspired to the "Wall itself and not just the brick", spent countless nights playing 29 - and said if at all I had one more hour before the end-terms, bunked the class and never had notes for exams, and if at all we attended a class, we came out with - "half a page of scribbled lines"..!!!!

Thanks to our Institute and those glorious days - we still are bounded by a factor 'trical2K' and I have all species of animals in my friend's list - Puppy, macchar, haathi, piggie, diddu-doggy, chuha..!!!


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lage Raho Anshu Bhai

Bole to, Anshuman conducted housewarming ceremony for his new apartment in Bangalore..... Congratulations ... Gattu, GMT (after a long long time) and Mannu bhai were there to grace the occassion ...

Mannu bhai akka internet ki vaat laga rahaa hai... heard that is doing some interesting work on router-shouter which keeps him awake every night ... !!

Gattu is as usual aanjoying life in its full... He is also expected to do a similar ceremony in December..

GMT da is trying very hard not to do any work at Bosch.. bahuth jaldi senior manager banne waala hai ..fultoo thayaari kar rahaa hai

In honor of the occassion mentioned above I watched Lage Raho Munna Bhai yesterday AND today ..

As expected Arshad Warsi rocks ... the guy has an amazing delivery ishtyle.... Needless to say Vidya Balan looked mindblowing (why do u think I went to see the movie the second time..)


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Anthems of Resistance-1

Bought this book on Urdu poetry (with English translations) by Mir & Mir called "Anthems of Resistance". Found some interesting ones. Thot I would post some of them on this blog as when I find something interesting .. Here goes ...

Bhadka rahen hai aag lab-e-naghmagar se hum
Khaamosh kya rahenge zamaana ke dar se hum
Le de ke apne paas faqat ek nazar to hai
Kyon dekhen zindagi ko kisi ki nazar se hum
Maana ke is zameen ko na gulzaar kar sake
Kuch khaar kam to kar diye, guzre jidhar se hum

Here we go, stoking fire through song-laden lips
The fear of the world can neve staunch the flow of our words
In all, we have just one view, our own
Why should we see the world through someone else's eyes
It is true, we did not turn this world into a garden
But atleast we removed some thorns from the paths we travelled

~ Sahir Ludhianavi

~~ Mux

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The first waves at the Ghat...

This is not just another story. This is a saga, a phenomenon that was Y2K ‘trical. A class that was a class apart. A conglomerate of geniuses of all sorts and types. A coterie whose every member had his/her own flair, not just some half-baked bricks, in another half-made wall.

True, no two humans are alike, and so it was with this set of people. Some as bumptious as icebergs, some as dirigible as a toy balloon. Some who trudged along as an old snail, and some who buzzed better than humming birds. And then some who would utter every word under a veneer of prevarication, while others who would bare their soul like a beggar’s bowl. There was everything, and everyone under one rubric – Y2K trical.

A yarn that starts in the year 1996 A.D., when a bunch of staggering faces came with a look of innocence and knowledge in their eyes. A year passed by, with all its joys, sorrows, all it’s “La-Bella”s and April Fools, and first ‘trical said goodbye to three of its inmates, and welcomed four new faces. They came, they saw, and they settled, and life in ‘trical went ahead with a new sophomoric energy; the year in which ‘trical opened up to understand the caprices of its alma-mater.

Then arrived the junior year; bringing in a new maturity, a different sincerity, a changed outlook and an altered reality. ‘Tricalites became career-conscious, and job-conscious. Some new alliances came about, and there were some sundered relations, but over all, as they say, the show went on.

And then they were seniors. And till the end of the last autumn of the millennium, ‘trical was, so to say, “fully employed”. And after that, they did all that they had been waiting to do. Flunked classes, drank merrily, got stoned, and simply enjoyed their heart out.

And then…
…They said goodbye to each other, but only to be joined again in the digital world a few months later.

So just hop along this road that travels through their quirks and oddities, and enjoy the secrets of each one of those great personalities that together made the millennium class.

Welcome home, to Y2k ‘trical...

Happy Independence Day & Welcome Back !

This is the day that we, the elite group of IT9604, make our presence felt on the internet & start blogging ...

Happy Independence Day !!!